Overview about monetize wordpress blog

Monetize wordpress blog means  having a successful and distinguished WordPress blog with unique and exclusive content obtaining a reasonable traffic ratio that gives you the opportunity to multiply your sources of income from your blog and in order to be able to reach your site to first results in the search engine, try very hard to apply SEO standards through your articles and apply SEO strategies to market your site externally To improve the ranking of your site and thus get Monetize wordpress blog.

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How to monetize WordPress Blog?

monetize wordpress blog

Profit from a WordPress blog through CPA offers.

Profit from WordPress blog through direct selling.

Profit through paid advertising space.

Profit by YouTube channel linked by your blog page.

Memberships and subscriptions & Advertising through WordPress.

Profit from writing.

How to profit from CPA?

monetize wordpress blog

You can benefit from your WordPress blog and profit from it through affiliate marketing.

If you own a tourism blog you can profit by this way by placing links for hotel and flight reservations through your affiliate.
You can Monetize wordpress blog benefit from any booking process made through your site by this way.

WordPress during direct selling

Direct selling from your blog or other services that you can market directly to your visitors to profit from.
By the trust of your followers, you can profit from your blog in this way.

Profit through paid advertising space
Companies or institutions allocating an advertising space for them in your blog that allows you to Monetize wordpress blog benefit monthly return.

Earning through YouTube channel

Through a YouTube channel connected to your blog at the same time.
You are here marketing your YouTube channel by advertising it on your blog.
Using your videos on the channel through the blog content to promote the channel and thus get a Monetize wordpress blog profit monthly return.

Memberships and subscriptions

This feature is available on Personal Plan, Premium Plan, Business Plan, and E-Commerce Plan.

Both Payments and Premium Content above allow you to create subscriptions or memberships on your website.

Advertising through WordPress

If you want to monetize  WordPress blog sites with ads, use the official WordPress.com advertising program available to site owners.
The program is characterized by displaying advertisements from third-party ad networks such as Google, Facebook, AOL, and others.

Profit from writing

If you are a beginner in the field of writing and blogging we recommend that you create a free WordPress blog and learn how to write SEO friendly articles.
Then you start following the explanations on YouTube and gain experience little by little so that you can create your own site and develop it in the future.

I showed you 6 ways to profit from a Monetize wordpress blog, but are the ways to profit from WordPress limited to those 6 ways only? Of course not, you can think and be creative in creating new and different ways that are unique to you to earn more from your blog,

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