How much can you earn in YouTube and get followers

 How much can you earn in YouTube a question too much by new YouTubers who want to make a good income. Owning a YouTube channel nowadays become one of the most profitable ways to make money easily.

It takes time to grow get more followers and start earning and making revenue, but it is worth it. The most important factor when you are starting a channel is to plan your work correctly and make it organized. To know how much can you earn in YouTube, just keep reading.

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How much can you earn in YouTube and when

How much can you earn in YouTube

How much can you earn in YouTube depends on the effort you give to make the best out of your work.

You don’t need to start with a fancy camera or a studio, you just have to plan your work carefully.

The money you get from YouTube doesn’t only depend on the views but also you can earn from ads.

You must have at least 1,000 followers and 4,000 watched hours to start earning around $18 per 1,000 ad views.

How can you earn more from Google ads on YouTube

Owning a google ads account is one of the most supportive ways to increase your income on a YouTube channel.

The ads are being added to the video and you get paid for the views and the people who click on it.

Google pays you %68 of the number of clicks on the ads, by surpassing 1,000 views on the ads.

So, the more your followers click on the ads and watch the more you will be paid and get better revenue.

Best ways to get more money besides the YouTube views

How much can you earn in YouTube

Invest with high brands as an influencer

Some brands on YouTube search for new YouTubers to share their work and get a wide range of followers.

They save spending a large amount of advertising money on famous YouTubers instead they search for new YouTubers.

You can start sharing your content and offer to work with other brands and get paid for the advertisement.

The approximate price you get for working with brands is $200 per video for 10,000 subscribers on the channel.

Become an affiliate marketer and get a commission

How much can you earn on YouTube and get revenue can be doubled up by becoming an affiliate marketer.

The idea of an affiliate marketer depends on sharing and talking about a specific product and convincing people to buy.

When your followers click on the product link and purchase it, you will get a commission for each purchase.

Also, make sure, to be honest, explain the product’s cons and pros, and get the trust of your followers.

In conclusion, how much can you earn in YouTube is totally variable and depends on many factors, however, working smartly will make you earn more money quickly.