Make money writing blogs and earn a fortune from blogging

 Make money writing blogs now becomes one of the most effective and profitable ways to earn more. Online work and blogging make it easy for you to earn easily from the comfort of your home.

You can start a blog using a free platform and earn a fortune from ads and hosting posts for other blogs.

And if you are feeling scared or worried about starting your blog you can find many supporting bloggers who share their experiences. To know how to make money writing blogs, just keep reading.

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Make money writing blogs and how to choose your niche

Make money writing blogs

Make money writing blogs is a simple way to earn and make a side or even a full-time income.

But before you start your blog you need to know exactly what your interest is and how to invest it.

The niche is the topic you will have to discuss in your blogs, and you will have your writing content around it.

Besides, you need to search for the trends and what people are looking and searching for to get more audience.

How to get more traffic and readers to your blog

Whenever you’ve made your blog, selected your niche and you’ve shared some blogs you will start looking for an audience.

You can’t just get readers and followers if you are making something different and creative to attract them.

You can use social media to share your blog content links and promote it to make sure it reaches more platforms.

you can create an email list by a subscription on the blog for readers and send your new blog links.

How to promote your blog content with other bloggers

Make money writing blogs

Building a business relationship with other bloggers is a very effective way to earn more money and new followers.

Make yourself known on social media and work platforms such as LinkedIn, send your blog resume, and offer work.

You will be offering some ideas such as sharing their online products, guesting posts, and affiliate links and referring to their blogs.

When they accept your offer, you will get benefit money, and also new readers will reach for your blog.

Is google ads account a good idea to earn more

Google AdSense is one of the best and most profitable ways to earn side income on your blog with no effort.

The idea of google ads is based on making your people click on the ads panner, by that you will be paid.

Google ads pay for your blog around %68 of the click number on the ads, so the more you get clicks the better.

If you are more than 18 years you can sign up for a google ads account and use it on your blog.

To sum up, make money writing blogs becomes one of the most effective and profitable ways to earn more. It is very practical and effective, you just need to organize your work and give it some time to earn more.



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