Which YouTubers make the most money in 2022

 A lot of people are asking the same question; How much do YouTubers make? And of course, the sequel question, which YouTubers make the most money? Who is the richest?

Either if you are asking this question as one of the public to know for general knowledge or if you have your special causes, you will get to know the richest YouTubers (some of them are millionaires), with the full list for which YouTubers make the most money in 2022.

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Which YouTubers make the most money

the following is the list

Which YouTubers make the most money

1- MrBeast

MrBeast breaks the record of Ryan’s world of earnings ($29.5 million in 2020). If you want to know which YouTubers make the most money; the answer is MrBeast who makes $54 million this year according to Forbes magazine, being the number one YouTuber who makes money from YouTube earnings.

Alongside his YouTube channel, which made him famous by estimating and ranking the net worth of other content creators; irony! He sells a lot of merchandise and has an app called MrBeast burger.


2-Jake Paul

When a YouTuber becomes famous, he may provide less content with time as he gets money from other sources, they begin to fade.

Unlike those YouTubers, Jake Paul who turned to professional boxing still catches the headlines as he gets back to the list of which YouTubers make the most money this year with a net worth of $45 million after he made it in 2018 with $21.5 million. He earns 99% of his fortune from boxing, according to Forbes.


3- Markiplier

He began as a gamer then turned to other aspects like podcasts, TV, selling, and his famous Unus Annus series with The YouTuber Ethan Nestor-Darling, he was able to double his earnings from last year. His videos made 17.3 billion views in total and 31 million subscribers. His net worth is estimated to be $38 million, according to Forbes. Now, He hopes that he will be able to sell the show he made, “The Edge of Sleep” to Hulu or Netflix this year.


4-Rhett and Link

Which YouTubers make the most money

If you’re a nerd, you probably would have come across this comedy nerd-centric channel; making the daily talk show “Good Mythical Morning”, and their collaboration in the cooking show  “Mythical Kitchen” which really stands out.

These shows are popular due to their family-friendly nature and unique content. These shows along with other spinoffs and extensions made their net worth $30 million, according to Forbes.


5- unspeakable

In the number 5 in which YouTubers make the most money comes the Unspeakable; Nathan Graham who is a Minecraft which is a video game, a game that you’re already familiar with as almost every kid plays it. Along with other games.

Minecraft has shared a great deal in raising his net worth, but what made him come in number 5 on the list; is that he sold his YouTube catalog to Spotter, making his net worth jump to $28.5 million, according to Forbes.


Which YouTubers make the most money on YouTube in 2022 list includes; Number 1MrBeast, Number 2 Jack Paul, Number 3 Markiplier, Number 4 Rhett and Link, and Number 5 unspeakable.