How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

How can you earn money from blogging? Can you make a living from blogging? The answer to both questions is 100% yes. Blogging in order to make money is not a theoretical concept but a reality.

Anyone with some basic knowledge of SEO and blogging and a general idea of ​​how the internet works can start a blogging business and earn money. Let’s dive in and see how can you earn money from blogging

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How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

How can you earn money from blogging? Everyone seeks to know the answer of this question.

The amount of money you’ll make depends on how much work you’re willing to put into making it happen.


1. Start publishing great content

It’s time to do one of the most difficult and challenging blogging tasks.

Which is none other than creating the actual content for your blog.

Great blog content is not necessarily text, it can be images, videos, graphics or even audio.

But for the purpose of getting high scores on Google, your content should be mainly text.


2. Build organic traffic to your blog

How can you earn money from blogging? To monetize a blog, you need organic traffic. Organic traffic is generated from search engines.

What makes organic traffic even more valuable, is “user intent”.

The user who types a query in the Google search engine has a clear intent.

Either he is looking for an answer to a question, or he wants to learn something, or buy a product.

Their intent is expressed by the actual search terms they use in the search query.


3. Build a community around your brand

Once you have a blog with great content, your next step is to build a community around your brand.

A common mistake that beginners make is to skip this step and go straight to the money making part but this is not the most effective way.

Note that I used the term “brand” and not just a blog and this is done on purpose.

At this point, you need to stop thinking of your blog as a hobby but change your mindset and treat it as if you were dealing with a “real” business.


4. Start earning money by selling ads

Have you noticed how many things need to be done before getting to the making money part?

While this blog post is about making money from your blog.

Almost all of the content is related to the activities before it, and that’s how blogging for money works in real life.


How can you make money from blogging through Google Adsense

How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

Adsense is very easy to use and reliable. All you need is a blog with great content and great traffic.

You add AdSense to your blog and when people click on one of your ads, you get 68% of the money the advertiser.

Google AdSense pays per 1000 impressions, with the average CPM for display ads dropping around the $1.25 mark.

The more people who view ads on your blog, the more money you will earn.

Make money through affiliate marketing

Finally, another way to make money from your blog is to sell other people’s products for a commission.

This is generally known as affiliate marketing. Here’s an overview of the process.

Find the products you want to promote

You sign up for their affiliate program and get a unique link and banners to use

You have added links/banners in your blog

When someone clicks on the links, they are redirected to the provider’s website

When they make a purchase from your blog, you get a commission