Discover all details about Google console platform

Hello my friend, in this new topic we are going to talk about today Google console platform. Google search console is one of the most important tools of sites owners. It helps them to optimize all details of SEO as sitemap, robotxt files and all statistics of the site. It also helps the writer to know the most popular keywords in his site. In this article we are going to tell you all details about Google console platform.

Google console platform

What is it Google console platform?

Google console platform It is a platform that allows owners and webmasters of websites on the Internet to know and improve performance their websites. Google Search and allow using Search Console tools and reports to calculate the number of visits to their site.

Features of  Google console platform

  • Greater Flexibility

No additional long lead times and restrictive contracts.

Connect from one day to three years and solely buy what you wish.

Dial your cloud association information measure up and down as needed to match your Google Cloud employment.

  • Visibility & observation

Easily monitor your Google Cloud Interconnect association performance. read information measure allocation and usage.

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Other features

  • Global Reach

Leverage our leading MPLS network and interconnect seamlessly with a worldwide scheme of cloud, SaaS and business partners.

  • API Enabled Network

Enables integration along with your own or your partner’s existing ecosystems and infrastructures.

Through this platform, you can get many other features not mentioned, including: unlimited use and many more.

The way to Add Your website to Google Search Console

  • Sign into your Google account.
  • confirm you’re using your business (not personal) account if it’s a business web site.
  • Click “Add a property.”
  • Choose “Website” from the computer menu and enter the URL of your web site.
  • confirm you’re using URL computer address that seems within the browser bar.
  • Click “Continue.”

Then do the following

  • Pick the way to verify you own your web site (HTML file transfer, name supplier, HTML tag, GA following code, or GTM instrumentality snippet).
  • If your web site supports each http:// and https://, add each as separate sites. you need to conjointly add every
  • (for example,,, and

Google starts following knowledge for your property as presently as you add it to GSC — even before it’s verified you’re the positioning owner.

You must have a sitemap for your website to provide it to google to strat appear your pages in search.

Benefits of sitemap

  • It’s very massive. The additional pages you’ve got, the better it’s for Googlebot to miss any changes or additions.
  • It has countless “isolated” pages. Any page that has few arriving links from alternative pages is more durable for an online crawler to
  • It’s new. Newer sites have few backlinks (links from alternative sites) creating them less determinable.
  • It uses made media content and/or shows up in Google News.
  • In these cases, your web sitemap makes it easier for Google to format and show your site in search.

Google console platform

What GSC reference to?

GSC is a An abbreviated word for the original term Google console platform .

Thus, we have given you a brief overview Google console platform We hope you have benefited and see you in a new topic .