Paid search Google: All you need to know

What is Paid search Google? in this article, we will talk about and explain this topic that concerns most business owners and people interested in the success of their websites and increasing the number of visitors to them. If you want to bring your company to a better and higher position, all you have to do is Paid search Google because this helps you reach the percentage you wish to, as this marketing shows your site in the first results on Google.

Paid search google

Paid search Google

Many results appear to you when you search on the Google search engine.

But there is a difference between the first results and the last results.

The first results are an example of paid search Google.

Here the owners of these sites pay Google to show their websites in the first results.

Until It is easy for people to enter these sites quickly.

Because they are the first sites that appeared to them, which increases the site’s success and fame.

Also and increases its use by many people who search for the site’s keywords.

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Where do these results appear?

These results appear with the ad tag next to them.

So that the engine calculates the number of people who have clicked on this ad.

As advertisers pay for one click on the ad.

Google Ads Features

Google is distinguished by allowing advertising campaigns for your company by showing your company’s name and your website in the first results.

When someone searches for the keywords, you selected when you set up the advertisement.

Google makes it easy for you to follow the movement of your advertising campaign through several things:

  • It counts the number of people who have visited the site.
  • It also measures the number of clicks during the day.
  • And the revenue that your site earns through the ads you make on Google.

How to set up an ad on Google?

It is easy to set up an ad on paid search Google.

Just create your account and then select the keywords.

The keywords that people can find your site by searching for or the most popular words in the search.

Then you define your ad and your budget, and you are done preparing the ad.

How do you advertise on paid search Google?

You can easily choose paid search Google as a global platform and search engine that billions of people use every day in their lives.

Because this helps you reach the most significant possible number of people who will see your media in the beginning.

And when you intend to make an advertisement, you must choose the best word to search.

And you must be wise in this choice, as you must choose the most used words that people are searching for.

Paid search google


In this article, we have talked about Google paid search and its importance on sites and how this affects the success of places through the appearance of the site in the first search results.

This makes people visit this site, which increases the chance of its success.

We also talked about how you can do an advertisement on your Google search and the most important instructions that you can do when you do a paid search.


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