How to decrypt pdf the easiest way to do

How to decrypt pdf, Have you had a PDF file that is password secured and encrypted with an owner login, also called as permission? Then don’t worry since this blog will show you how to decrypt a PDF file without the need for a password in cases when the PDF is secured by owner-level encryption using the finest alternative software to pricey Adobe Acrobat. With the same software, you may also remove a user’s password. So how to decrypt pdf?

How to decrypt pdf

How to decrypt pdf

Most users exchange PDF files using high encryption to prevent illegal access to the documents, such as printing, copying, sharing,

And extracting information from PDF files.

Encrypting the PDF file, on the other hand, is an excellent solution because it ensures the content’s confidentiality and integrity.

People were looking for numerous techniques to decode PDF content on the web at the time.

Simple steps to follow:

Step 1:

How to decrypt pdf? To open a PDF file in the program, click the Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) option.


You have the option of printing or saving the decrypted PDF to a specific location on your computer.

Step 3:

After you’ve added PDF files, you’ll be able to see their permission status;

If the PDF is password-protected, you’ll need to supply the password.

In the case of an owner-protected PDF document, however, no password is required.

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You’ve completed the task!

Step 4:

How to decrypt pdf? Select “Unlock” from the drop-down menu.

There are also a variety of options for manually decrypting the PDF file password.

Google Chrome is one of the basic solutions.

If a file has a printing limitation, however, it restricts the ability to save the PDF file after the unlocking process is completed.

To erase the protection from a PDF file, the user can utilize another official paid option, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

To do so, you must first open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your computer.

How to decrypt pdf

The Benefits of Decrypting PDF Files

Case 1:

When a PDF file is encrypted, you won’t be able to print it. As a result, data sharing is challenging.

Case 2:

If you obtained an encrypted PDF file online, you must decode it in order to open it in the future without a password.

Case 3:

Sharing encrypted numerous files is a difficult operation because it necessitates entering a user-level password each time,

While the receiver must access it.

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Different Levels of Encryption

How to decrypt pdf? For encryption, two main types of encryption levels are utilized.

AES encryption with a 128-bit size.

AES encryption with 256 bits.

To prevent illegal access, an average user encrypts the PDF file with either user-level or owner-level protection.

As a result, you can decrypt the PDF file by using one of the techniques listed below that best suits your needs.

To sum up, How to decrypt pdf? You only need to follow the methods outlined in the preceding article to insecure the file.