How to use google ads to earn money

How to use google ads to earn money. One of the simplest and most efficient monetization ways is to use Google AdSense to monetize your site or app visitors with display advertising. Even though it’s a simple idea, you’ll need to be aware of a few subtleties in order to succeed. We’ll show you how to get started making a lot of money or how to use google ads to earn money using Google AdSense in this article.

Here’s how to use google ads to earn money

AdSense is a publisher-to-advertiser advertising network.

Publishers link the websites to the advertising network, allowing advertisers to compete for the right to display their adverts on those sites.

When website users click or watch an ad, the author receives a percentage of the advertiser’s ad bid.

Google calculates the fee due to the difference.

How to use google ads to earn money






How to use google ads to earn money? You’re ready to start displaying AdSense advertisements and earning money after you’ve been approved.

Before you do that, it’s a good idea to learn about the various sorts of ad units. AdSense ad units are divided into five categories.

Display, in-feed, in-article, linked content and link advertising are among them.

How to use google ads to earn money





Display Advertisements

Typical responsive display ad packs that accommodate most screen sizes.

These advertisements can be used in practically any place.

This form of ad can be responsive, according to the display size of the device on which it is displayed.

It’s also compatible with AMP and may be adjusted to have fixed sizes.

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Ads that appear in the feed

How to use google ads to earn money? Ads that are native to a feed, sidebar, or list.

They flow more organically and give the consumer a better experience.

Advertisements with matched content

How to use google ads to earn money? Ads that suggest your website’s content to users, increase page views, visitors stay on the page.

And the likelihood that they will click on your ads.

Adding ad units to your website

Ad units can be added to your website in a variety of ways.

You may need to alter the codebase to add your ad units, depending on the online platform you’re using.

Some platforms include ad-supporting technology built-in, making it much easier to upload your ad unit script.

To display your adverts on systems like WordPress, you can utilize a variety of plugins, website plugins, and sitewide settings via themes.


AdSense is regarded as the entry-level to earning ad money in the field of ad optimization.

Many publishers earn a significant amount of money or a full-time income only via AdSense.

These publishers, on the other hand, frequently have a lot of visitors and/or very high-quality visitors.

And they use complex ad optimization methods and extra ad networks to boost their ad revenue.

Finally, How to use google ads to earn money? You’re now prepared to enter the world of AdSense and ad revenue! And we don’t believe you require assistance in optimizing your AdSense advertisements and maximizing ad earnings.