How much is 500k subscribers YouTube salary?

Many people wondering how much is 500k subscribers YouTube salary. To know that we have to know first that there are no sure numbers. There are many factors affecting the amount you may get from YouTube. Like the nature of your content. The country you are publishing your videos from. And the engagement of your subscribers with your content. After you reach your first 1000 subscribers you can start the actual earning from google adds on YouTube.

5000k subscribers YouTube salary range?

If you have a 5000k subscribers to your channel, there is average views of 2000k view. The amount of income also will depend on whoever the viewer is watching adds on the video or not.

The country the majority of your audience from also will make difference in your income.

Subscribers does matter but they are not the major part of your income from YouTube.

You can have 600k subscribers but 100 views on each video. In this case you will not be able to achieve any significant inco0me from YouTube.

500k subscribers YouTube salary






What are factors affecting your income from YouTube?  

To know the exact 500k subscribers YouTube salary we need to get to sources of income. The major source of income from YouTube is google adds.

You can subscribe for google adds once you opened your channel. But you will not start the actual earning till you meet the criteria of YouTube partner.

After you grow up your channel you can depend on sponsored content. You will use the trust of your audience to introduce companies’ products or service.  With time you can collaborate with large brands and get paid very well.

500k subscribers YouTube salary





When you become a YouTube celebrity?

People think that 500k subscribers YouTube salary will be enough for living. Some people consider their selves YouTube celebrities after reaching this number. But the fact is to consider your self-YouTube celebrity you need to reach 1 million view on your videos.

You need to work hard in your channel and increase the strength of your channel background. You need to produce a high quality content with taste of entertainment on your videos.

YouTube is the largest most visited website in the world after google.  So you can start your channel and you will grow it up easily.

To bring in cash truly, you in need of going previous snaps.

Your income from YouTube should be coming from many sources. Majority of income will come from google adds. But there are many other ways.

500k subscribers YouTube salary may become huge if they are doing collaboration with large brands.

After a quiet time on YouTube you can offer your audience a special membership. Which means they can enjoy entertaining emoji and special badges. The money for this membership is around 5 dollars.

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Selling your merch through your channel.

This is a method to increase your income from YouTube. After a while on YouTube you can start selling your own product to your audience.

This is need a hard work building audience and product in the same time.

Conclusion: 500k subscribers YouTube salary is depending on many factors. You need to focus on the number of views more than number of subscribers. After building your channel you can start selling your merch.

Description: 500k subscribers YouTube salary is variable; and affected by many factors. The known average income after 1000 subscribers will be 18 to 20 dollar.