Can you make money on youtube?

These days a lot of people ask whether they can make money on youtube, I will put in your hands a comprehensive guide through which you can become a real, successful, famous YouTuber,

Moreover, you will be able to earn thousands of dollars steadily and guaranteed, and in legitimate ways that comply with the laws and conditions of YouTube,

I will answer the question of can you make money on youtube as well.

What do I need to make money on YouTube?

YouTube Channel Idea

This point is considered the most important and most dangerous point ever on the way to make money on YouTube, and if it is implemented intelligently and wisely, it shortens a lot of effort and wasted time in the future.

Suppose that you are interested in astronomy and space sciences and intend to create a YouTube channel on this topic, you have to measure the size of your expected audience.

Can you make money on youtube?






Now you have the idea of ​​a YouTube channel according to your interests and passions, which you found to have a large segment of the interested audience already Very cool.

Now you have to know what skills you need to start implementing the idea.

Make money from YouTube is something that is flexible and can be started with minimal possibilities,

there are some important skills that you must possess if you want to create a promising and fast-growing YouTube channel.

Can you make money on youtube?






Speaking, reciting, acting, explaining, and commenting

Of course, you have to have the skill that matches the nature of the content that you intend to present on your channel, and to clarify, let’s continue our example of space and astronomy… You have to have good skills in communicating information and commenting on hot news in the space world, and the ability to explain and simplify difficult concepts…etc.


Everything that happens through the Internet needs marketing efforts to bear fruit, and this applies to profit from YouTube as well.

As a YouTube channel owner, you must have some knowledge and skill about how to market your videos and channel, whether through YouTube itself or other social media, or a separate blog for your YouTube channel.

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Set of equipment and tools

It is generally known in our life that good skills require having the right tools to implement them and turn them into concrete work.

Likewise, in the world of make money on YouTube, all the skills mentioned above need tools to bear fruit. Before starting to include the list of tools required in the world of YouTube, we should also point out that as you are looking to make money on YouTube, you do not have to have all the tools that will be mentioned below, the tools required in your case depend largely on the nature of your channel and the content you want to provide.

Financial budget to meet expenses

Make money on YouTube is like any other business, it needs investment to develop and grow to get faster growth and a greater return.

You must have a financial budget to meet your channel expenses (for example, hiring freelancers to perform certain tasks, running paid advertising campaigns, etc.).

You must stick to this budget for your channel, here investing in your channel will save you a lot of time and effort, and it is the fastest way to get a channel that generates a satisfactory profit for you.


Any person can make money on YouTube, but you must have some things to start with, so in this article, you can know what these things are, in short, the idea of ​​​​the channel, skill, presentation, marketing, tools for photography, and finally a budget for photography.



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