How to get paid blogging online in 2022

Learn how to get paid blogging online easily and conveniently with our next article on online blogging. We pass on what “expert” bloggers generally give you general advice on how to write about your passion, maintain consistency, develop good writing habits, and create excellent content.

So you will have enough visitors to earn from affiliate programs, or Google AdSense. Online courses, podcasts, or selling digital products through your blog. You can also learn how to get paid blogging online.

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How to get paid blogging online

How to get paid blogging online

Here is my favourite beginner setup with lowest cost and best features for them to learn how to get paid blogging online:


1- create a blog

Log in to the Blue Host website.

The Choice Plus plan is your best option.

Type the domain name you want to use.

Enter your account information.

Under Good Information, select a plan that fits your needs.

Uncheck any optional packages

After completing the purchase.

During setup, choose “Blog” only when prompted.

Skip the next step. (We’ll find out later.)

You can access WordPress by clicking on the WordPress link at the top of the Bluehost dashboard


How to earn money from your blog

How to get paid blogging online

This post will help you if you are looking to make an extra $1000 per month from your blog, or if you are looking to quit your job and blog full-time.

These are excellent ways to know how to earn money from your blog right now.


1. Organize a directory of businesses

Based on your audience’s requests, what types of products or services do they frequently inquire about?.

Make a list of businesses you want to sign up for your business directory, and then approach them.

You can easily do this with tools such as Business Directory Plugin.


2. Advertise affiliate products.

Almost all big-name bloggers earn a significant portion of their revenue through affiliate sales.

According to Pat Flynn, his affiliate sales last month generated $53K, but his book sales was only $9,500.

A good affiliate product is one with a higher price point – web hosting companies are a good choice if their niche makes sense. With commissions of $60-$130+ per signup.


3. Provide products or services

You may not get rich from selling your services (for that, look into passive income! ).

But it’s a good way to earn extra cash and to build your reputation.

Your blog might sell catering or other services that are directly related to the topic (e.g., graphic design for a food blog or writing for a writing blog).


4. Write sponsored content

During the course of building your blog, you will receive many sponsored post requests every day.

They can be a very effective way for businesses to reach their audiences in a non-threatening way to make a lot of money.

Don’t forget to make the content actually interesting and relevant to your audience, and to clearly disclose that the post is sponsored.

Thus, you will know the most important answer to the question how to get paid blogging online in 2022 and the most important ways to win by steps.




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