How do cryptocurrency work and what are their advantages

Cryptocurrency has witnessed a significant rise in the financial markets recently, which has made it the focus of attention for many investors from all over the world due to it being an investment tool with quick returns, but the question remains is how digital currencies work.

What are their advantages and disadvantages, and in this article you will learn about how bitcoin and other cryptocurrency work.

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What is meant by cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency, as described by Rob Zell, founder of the electronic currency trading site (the cryptocurrency is the decentralized currency with electronic influence that is powered by cryptography).

According to the nature of digital currencies, they are not subject to any international or governmental regulation, which can entail a lot of risks during the fluctuations of the financial market, which involves huge losses for investors.


Investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be defined as a financial balance or virtual currency that can be owned and transacted electronically over the Internet, and therefore it does not have a physical presence and cannot be kept in our hands, so it is called a digital currency.

Digital currencies work in the form of data, but they are used according to highly cryptographic techniques so that they are completely safe and immune from any hacking process.

The most prominent of these technologies that work is the Blockchain technology.


Cryptocurrency lately

In recent years, with the spread of these digital currencies, many international commercial companies have begun to accept dealing with electronic currencies, and thus it has become possible to purchase goods and services online using these currencies, not to mention the process of trading in the financial markets.

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world is BTC, which many investors call (digital gold).

The price of Bitcoin at the beginning of its appearance was about 1,309 BTC per dollar.


How is a cryptocurrency (Blockchain) traded


We pointed out that the cryptocurrency is traded by a secure technology called Blockchain, and some describe it as a means belonging to computers that would consensus all opinions on a set of information.

Blockchain works through cryptography in which each block of these chains is connected to each other so that in the end we get completely secured blocks from any hacking or tampering process, thus making it difficult for hackers to access them.


Advantages of digital currencies

Digital currencies have many advantages and are supported by international commercial institutions and financial platforms, as such platforms allow the possibility of dealing with cryptocurrencies in buying and selling operations.

Among the international companies that allowed dealing with digital currencies, square.

Which invested millions of dollars in electronic bitcoin, and Tesla, which at the beginning of 2021 purchased more than one and a half billion dollars of bitcoin.

It is noted that in recent times these risks are being reduced, for example dealing with frauds during trading digital currencies such as BTC, BCH, Doge, and others.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency uses the latest technologies to encrypt their transactions, and perhaps the most prominent technologies used in Blockchain technology, which is the most common encryption method.



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