How to know YouTube channel revenue?

YouTube channel revenue depends on many factors. There are many ways you can check your YouTube revenue. YouTube is the second largest website in the world after Google; and it gets visited with many people daily; so, it’s easy to grow your channel on YouTube. The actual earning starts after you hit your first 1000 subscribers. You have to have partnership with YouTube partner program. YouTube channel revenue get affected by many factors like the nature of your content and the country of residency.

Average YouTube channel revenue in 2022

YouTube channel revenue variable and depends on many factors like. The major way of YouTube revenue is Google adds.

You can subscribe for google adds after you start your channel. But the actual earning will take time and effort to start.

YouTube as a website generated about 19.7 billion in 2020. T-series earned most of subscribers; although Ryan’s world earned most of the money.

You can check your channels revenue using many apps and the official YouTube calculator.

How to know YouTube channel revenue?






How to use the YouTube money calculator?

Drag the YouTube view count slider up or down based on your daily videos view.

Set your estimated CTR based on your historic channel performance. Also you can estimate a daily, weekly or yearly potential earning.  

The average revenue of YouTube channel is 18 to 20 dollars per 1000 view. The number of subscribers doesn’t matter like the number of views.

You need to increase the number of view instead of increasing number of subscribers. You can do that by keeping the content with a percentage of entertainment.

How to know YouTube channel revenue?







How to increase YouTube channel revenue?

Many ways are existed to increase your revenue. The major source is googling adds.

Many people use different ways like sponsored content. After a while on YouTube and you make sure you built a huge audience you can start applying the sponsored content.

Also, you can sell your merch; some people start their channels after they have a product to sell but you can do it differently. You can start selling after your channel reach a certain number of subscribers.

How much do youtubers make?

As we Saied before this is variable and depends on many factors.  But if we come to the most famous outnumbers for the last year we will find the average revenue about 32 million dollars.

Channels with millions of subscribers make a huge revenue and income for YouTube.

Although there is a lot of channels with thousands of subscribers doesn’t make enough revenue because there are no enough views.

You need to keep the hard work and the strong background of your channels first. And then revenue will come by default.

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What we can learn from YouTube academy?

To increase your YouTube channel revenue, you need to learn how to create content. Of you decided to start the journey of blogging or uploading on YouTube you will learn new things forever.

You need to keep the energetic tone and the entertaining voice in your videos.

Conclusion: YouTube channel revenue will be affected by many factors. You need to keep working on your channel to increase your revenue with time. Revenue from YouTube starts after the first 1000 subscribers.

Description: YouTube channel revenue need you to work hard; the actual earning from YouTube starts after you hit the first 1000 subscribers. You need to participate in YouTube partners academy.