How much do the sidemen make

How much do the sidemen make? The sidemen are a group of YouTubers who started out as friends making FIFA videos together. They now have over 20 million subscribers and are some of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

The group is made up of KSI Miniminter Zerkaa Behzinga and TBJZL. According to they make an estimated $1.9 million per year from their YouTube channels.

This doesn’t include any income from tours merchandise or other ventures. To know how much do the sidemen make, just keep reading.

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Who is the richest person in the sidemen

How much do the sidemen make

The Sidemen are a group of seven British YouTubers who have gained popularity through their FIFA and Call of Duty gameplay videos as well as vlogs and challenge videos.

 The members are JJ KSI Miniminter Zerkaa Behzinga Vikkstar123 and Wroetoshaw.

During 2019 the group has a combined net worth of over $20 million.

The richest member is KSI who is worth an estimated $4.5 million.


How much money does KSI make

KSI whose real name is Olajide Olatunji is a British YouTuber boxer and rapper.

He has been active on YouTube since 2009 and has amassed over 21 million subscribers as of 2019.

His videos range in content from vlogs to gaming commentary to comedy sketches. 

In addition to his YouTube earnings KSI has made money from his boxing career, music career and various endorsement deals.

Forbes estimates that KSI’s net worth is $20 million as of 2019.


How much does Harry sidemen make

How much do the sidemen make

Harry sidemen is a popular YouTuber who has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

He makes most of his money from YouTube ad revenue but also has endorsement deals with brands like G Fuel and SeatGeek.

He also makes money from his merch line and from touring.

Harry is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world and his net worth is only going to continue to grow in the years to come.


How much do the sidemen make

They have a combined total of over 30 million subscribers and over 4 billion views.

So how much do the Sidemen make? It is difficult to say exactly as their earnings are not public information.

However it is safe to say that they are all very wealthy young men.

Forbes estimates that KSI alone is worth $20 million.

This is largely due to their success on YouTube but also because they have ventured into other business endeavors such as merchandise and event appearances.


How much do the sidemen make? Sidemen is a group of seven YouTubers who have a combined total of over 27 million subscribers. The group started out as a FIFA gaming team and has since expanded into other areas such as music books and clothing. Sidemen Clothing is a streetwear brand that was launched in 2016.