Hardware and software, what is the difference between them

Hardware and software, a computer is an electronic device that has a very large ability to receive different data in many fields and can be modified, processed, and it is converted into information of great importance, The most important thing on which the computer depends is the operating system, which consists of two parts: hardware and software.

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What are the hardware and software

Hardware and software, what is the difference between them

The first: Software

Software is fictitious and intangible electronic things such as operating systems such as the Windows operating system and Android etc..,

Such programs and games, are intangible things and are inside the system, for the idea to reach more,

 It means that everything is based on programming and what is built on programming is intangible,

 So programs are designed through programming and operating systems are designed through programming and all of them are intangible, and so on…….

It is a general term used to refer to applications, scripts, and programs that run on devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. Software contrasts with hardware, which are the physical aspects of a computer that performs work.

The second: Hardware

Hardware is the physical and tangible parts or components in the computer, and the small internal devices that are an integral part of your computer and which are considered the most important part of the computer.

 If the internal parts will stop all functions and the computer is unable to boot.

Hardware, by which we mean the tangible physical components of which the computer is made, which are the external parts (screen, amplifier, keyboard…)

and the internal (processor, motherboard, internal memory…) and the hardware is extremely important as if any part of it malfunctions The computer stops all other functions and the computer stops working, and hardware due to its great importance as it reduces the body of the computer.

Comparison between hardware and software

Hardware and software, what is the difference between them

Software is the intangible or visible computer components, which are internal programs and different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating systems, and many programs and applications that need their programming languages.

While the hardware is all external computer components that can be touched and seen and does not need special programming languages such as Java

Examples of hardware and software

The difference between the hardware and the software is that the hardware is the opposite of the software, which is the tangible pieces that the user can touch and control manually,

Such as the keyboard and mouse, to reach the idea more, its meaning is the equipment, which is the ready-made hardware such as the graphics card,

The RAM, the processor, the hard disk, the speakers, the microphone and the floppy disk, etc….

Finally: It is not possible to abandon the hardware and software because each side complements the other and they are indivisible parts.

The internal parts of the computer cannot function without an operating system, and programs cannot work without the computer.