How to earn from Google AdSense?

How to earn from Google AdSense? In this article, I will cover all aspects of how to earn from Google AdSense through a website. This article is a complete guide to earn from Google AdSense. My goal is not only to make this article a reference for everyone who wants to work as a publisher with Google AdSense, but I will also make you understand the idea from the ground up. My goal is to make you start your way as a publisher with awareness and awareness of everything surrounding the topic.

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What do you need to earn from Google AdSense?

How to earn from Google AdSense?

For earning some cash, you need the following:

1. A good website idea

To earn from Google AdSense, you should choose a website idea that matches your personal interests if you are going to write the content yourself.

In the event that you will use others, you must ensure that there is a continuous source of content for your site.

You should also choose an idea for a site that has been demanded from the public.

In this way, you can use the Google tool to find out the search rate for the keywords that your site will address.

2. Buy hosting and a domain name

There are a lot of options at this stage, and it suits all cases. If you do not have enough money to buy a paid hosting and domain name, then you should be satisfied with the blogger blog at first to start earn from Google AdSense.

But if you have a surplus of investment, you should buy a paid hosting and choose a domain name for your site.

  1. Create a website

This option depends on the previous option, if you choose Blogger, it is an integrated tool for creating a website.

But if your choice is to create a website with a paid hosting and domain name, you should refer to the two topics below:

  • How to create a website (you will find all the information and important points for creating a professional website)?
  • Steps to create a WordPress site (you will find a simple and easy practical explanation and illustrations of how to create a WordPress site)

Specifications of the site that is accepted in Google AdSense

How to earn from Google AdSense?

In this part, I will address a set of criteria that you must apply to your site before you start earn from Google AdSense.

In order to be accepted into the Google AdSense program, make sure that you have a site that meets the following:

1. A site characterized by exclusive and valuable content and compliant with Google AdSense policies

You have to provide something that really benefits your visitors, and in this way you will get visitors to your site on the one hand, and on the other hand,

this is what Google puts as a priority in measuring the quality of all the services it offers, including Google AdSense of course.

You must also create content that complies with Google AdSense policies, as there are some types of content that are prohibited from participating in Google AdSense.

2. A well-designed site that is easy for the visitor

The visitor experience must be good in dealing with your site, to be accepted in AdSense, this includes a good, simple design and compatibility with all devices.

Also, the pages of your site should be linked together to facilitate the visitor’s transition between the pages of the site.

Since we are talking about WordPress here, you just have to read the article: WordPress Theme Guide, and apply it.


Here we have come to the end of our topic about earn from Google AdSense. I hope that the topic is useful to you and helps you understand Google AdSense and how to profit from it well.

Do not be stingy and make the topic stop with you, but share it with your friends, perhaps your participation in the topic contributes to changing someone’s life for the better.



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