5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

Monetizing your blog has many factors that you should consider.5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog  It all starts with the way you want to monetize your blog. There are multiple practices that will work for you. Affiliate marketers have the advantage of direct links and they make money just by linking products from their blogs. If you want to know how to make money from your blog, keep reading. We have listed 5 things you need to know before monetizing your blog.5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

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Things You Should Know Before Monetizing Your Blog

5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

Here, we go over things to consider before monetizing your blog, as well as tips on implementing each into your blog.

1. The Audience

5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog

“Readers” are the main area of ​​study before monetizing your blog.

It is very important that you understand what your audience needs and why they are on your blog.

How do they interact with your blog?

You can either put links to other blogs on your website and check how many users are clicking on them.

A link rich blog is always useful for keeping users busy while they are on your site.

What are their habits?

Before you begin, learn how users interact with the blog.

Het Maps will give you an idea of ​​how viewers consume your content.

2. The Type of Content

The content you create is a direct audience portfolio.

For affiliate marketers, create content that includes products that generate affiliate links.

Users will click on the links when they understand what it is and want to get more information or finally buy it!

Consider creating content around:

  • Product demonstration
  • Product description
  • Product comparison

3. The source of your blog’s traffic

You can analyze your current traffic sources and determine how much of your traffic comes from your notifications.

Almost all types of content such as blogs and videos provide this measure.

Strong calls to action motivate people to take specific action.

If you focus your content on providing some useful information to your users, you will learn more about your subscribers.

4. Search Volume

Before monetizing your blog, you should learn how your content appears to the people who are searching for it.

Analyzing the appropriate search term can help you do this.

Paste your blog link into Ahrefs site explorer tool and click the Organic keywords button in the left menu.

You will get a list of keywords that get your blog running on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

5. The Technical aspects

It includes three basic items:

a) Loading time

Reduce your website loading time. This is very important. Long waiting times can lead to customer alienation.

You should consider all optimization strategies to minimize user waiting.

Make sure that the images are of the smallest size possible without compromising on quality.

b) customer surveys

Run polls and collect reports from your audience about their experience.

In this step, you’ll learn how a customer evaluates their experience, how likely they are to recommend the blog to their peers.

You can get creative with the questions and see what kind of surveys work best for you.


Monetizing your blog is a huge step in your online business that needs a lot of hard work. A well-thought-out strategy is the key to creating a successful and profitable blog.5 Things you should know before monetizing your blog