How to fix a broken computer screen


How to fix a broken computer screen, When a laptop screen breaks, you’ll notice a variety of visual flaws depending on what exactly went wrong. You might see frozen or improperly colored pixels, lines of color, bleeding colors, dark patches on the screen, or the screen not turning on at all. So here is how to fix a broken computer screen:

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How to fix a broken computer screen

how to fix a broken computer screen how to fix a broken computer screen

You’ll need to try each of these solutions to fix your broken laptop screen.

You can stop if the screen starts working or if you notice enough improvement to resume using the laptop.

Return to the list and try the remaining fixes if it stops working again in the future.

  •  Restart your laptop.

How to fix a broken computer screen, the screen not working could be due to an operating system issue,

Or another conflict that can be resolved by restarting the computer.

Because restarting is so simple, it should be your first option.

  • Close the laptop and reopen it.

Check for debris on your keyboard and screen, then clean them completely.

Clean the latch mechanism on your laptop if it has one.

Close the laptop carefully, making sure it’s totally shut, and then reopen it.

You most likely have a defective lid sensor if the screen goes on and off intermittently.

  • Connect an external display to your computer.

If your screen is completely black, consider connecting an external monitor.

If the external monitor isn’t working, it’s possible that your laptop isn’t turned on, or that it’s asleep or in hibernation mode.

Ensure that it is both connected in and switched on.

  • Your video drivers should be updated.

Try updating your video drivers if your screen isn’t completely dark but you can see visual faults on it.

It’s possible that your driver is broken or glitchy.

  • Attempt to free your stuck pixels.

If you have one or more stuck pixels, you can try to unstick them with an app.

To compel a dead or stopped pixel to start working again, these programs generally cycle between colors quickly or make digital snow.

  • Make an attempt to repair your burn-in.

If your screen appears to have ghosts of old images stuck on it,

You can eliminate the burn-in with a white screen saver or a few other options.

  • Examine the screen’s and the backlight’s connections.

Remove the bezel around your screen, the hinge covers, and any other obstructions.

Or other case components if you’ve disassembled laptops before to uncover the screen and backlight wiring and connectors.

Make certain that everything is in order.

  • Remove the screen and replace it.

If nothing else works, your screen will most likely need to be replaced. Large black or colored bars, black holes,

Or colors that appear to run are usually irreparable.

If the screen is shattered, that’s also a sign you’ll need to replace it.

What can I do if my laptop breaks?

Make the most of your broken laptop by repurposing the hard drive as an external hard drive and selling any remaining components.

Use the display as a standalone monitor if it still works.

Perform a factory reset to wipe your personal files if you decide to sell your laptop.

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