Adomb vs AdSense Revenue – Which One

 When it comes to earning money online, it all starts with one basic decision: Adomb vs AdSense. Advertisers create sites that earn revenue by displaying advertisements for a fee. Publishers create sites that offer a service or product at a cost.

These days, however, there are many ways to make money without having a website. In fact, mobile advertising platforms like AdMob and Google AdSense are extremely popular. Adomb vs AdSense revenue, so, if you’re interested in monetizing your blog or social media account, you need to decide between Advertiser and Publisher.

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What is Admob vs AdSense

Adomb vs AdSense

Admob vs AdSense are two different models

Admob is free and has no limitations as to how many impressions you can make per day or what kind of devices you can target.

If you are looking to build an app that makes money from advertising, then this is probably the best choice for you.

Admob has one limitation, though.

You can only make $100 a month before you have to start paying $30 a month in fees. 

AdSense on the other hand is free, and you can make as many impressions as you want for free.

However, you cannot make more than $100 a month without paying a fee (it varies).

If you are interested in making money from advertising, then this is the most logical choice.


 What is your opinion of Admob vs AdSense

Adomb vs AdSense

AdMob is a much more useful service because it gives you real-time reports on what is being served to your users and what is being displayed to them.

You also have to pay for each click and each impression on AdSense, which is not always a good idea.

For example, if you are selling widgets and an ad comes up with an offer for free shipping, you can’t take advantage of that because you don’t know how many impressions the ad had.

With AdMob, you can actually track the impression for each widget you sell. I would definitely use AdMob over AdSense.


 What is the most difficult thing about switching networks

Switching networks can be difficult. If you use one network exclusively, then you will lose a lot of money if the network goes under.

It’s better to switch back and forth until you find a network that works well for you.

How does AdMob differ from other ad networks

AdMob has the option to buy impressions instead of paying per click, so you won’t have to worry about whether your ad is clicked or not.

Another big difference is that it is easier to make changes on AdMob.

You can change what kind of ad you want to display and even which country you want to target.

Adomb vs AdSense, I’ve been writing articles for a while now and I’ve had a lot of experience with both ad networks. At first, I used AdSense and eventually switched to AdMob. While both are great at what they do, I found that AdMob generates more revenue than AdSense for most people.