Discovery bout PUBG mobile & download it

PUBG mobile The full name of the game Player unknown’s Battlegrounds, its abbreviation, secrets and codes PUPG, and it is a game that has spread in the recent period since 2017,this game has action and excitement content, where one round has 100 players, and it is considered as many battles in which several players from all over the world participate. The world is of different nationalities, as in each match about 100 players descend through a map full of different weapons and tools and then fight with each other, until everyone dies and only one player or group remains PUBG mobile

What is PUBG mobile?

PUPG mobile is one game in which shooting is strategically similar to Counter Strike, but there is a difference in the game.
Where you cannot return to the game again after your death, but you lose by your death directly, When Entering PUBG mobile.
You will be in a match against several other players or several other teams present at the same time as your entry.
Therefore, in the PUPG game, you will have only one enemy in front of you, but a large number of enemies that you fight and they fight you.

PUBG mobile

Way of play

Players in PUPG mobile are descending from a plane to a map, as there are approximately more maps,then collecting different weapons and tools begins.
They fight each other, and over time, a circle appears shrinking with the death of many players.

Play rules

Therefore the purpose of this circle is for the players to remain focused towards the playing area to ensure the continuity of the fight.
In the end there is only one player left and thus is the winner.

He gets Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner, so the presence of the player at the end of the match is the main goal of this game, which made many people interested in it.

PUBG mobile

How to play Pubg Mobile on your computer or mobile phone?

Most of the players of the PUBG for mobile game resort to choosing areas with a large number of players.
Which leads to rapid death before the passage of a few minutes from the game, there is a high tactic that leads to your success in this game.
Which is choosing a place that is not full of players and working to arm yourself with light which gives you a long stay.

It is necessary to use your bag perfectly, try to lighten the load that is not as important as unused caliber bullets.
Work to cut off the excess weapons whenever you do so In space to carry an energy drink and a first aid kit.

The dangers of the game

The PUBG mobile game is addictive, as it leads to avoiding the minds of young people, which makes them spend a long time in this game.
PUBG mobile leads to the development of violence by private dealing with several weapons and killing nearly 99 people.

How to download Game in a completely?

Log into the Google Play application on your phone.

Write the name of the game PUBG for Mobile in the search box.

Click Install, after making sure that you are connected to the Internet.

The game then loads within minutes and you are then entered into the game.

Entering the game and completing the data required of you regarding registration on the game.


Download PUBG The electronic game of one of the most famous fighting games because PUBG mobile is more than just a team game, it is a game that comes in the category of survival games because it gives the team the ability to include multiple players. It gives you the opportunity to play with friends and enjoy team play with them.

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