How to earn money from Google Adsense

Our topic today revolves around the question “How to earn money from Google Adsense?”. Let’s dig deep into Google first, Google Adsense is an advertising program affiliated with Google that allows website owners to place Adsense ads on their sites. Those ads vary in form, where the ads are paid by calculating the number of clicks made by visitors, and this is what we will discuss in the restof the article: How to earn money from Google Adsense.

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How to earn money from Google Adsense

How to earn money from Google Adsense

Everyone is talking today about how to earn money from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense has been criticized by the advertisers and the owners of the sites on which the ads are displayed.

It is very discreet about the price of the click, which angered some website owners.

Some advertisers expressed their concern that clicks are often fake pressures by website owners for illegal earn and gain.

How does Google Adsense work?

How to earn money from Google Adsense

Let’s move along with the steps of earning money from Google Adsense, where site owners register in an application.

This application creates an AdSense account for displaying ads for Google on their sites.

Google then reviews the application and determines if the site is compatible with its  advertising policy

If the site is approved, the site owner becomes a subscriber.

The companies contract with Google AdSense features to display their ads on the sites shared in the AdSense program.

Does the price per click differ according to the target audience and the type of content?

With regard to the fame circulating about  Adsense, let’s learn more about earning money from Google Adsense.

Google has not mentioned in any official or non-offical way about the price of clicking ads on different sites.

Google considers pressure prices as one of its secrets that it will most probably never release.

However, some famous bloggers such as Darren Rowse have stated that Google splits the profits with the website owners.

What are the most famous and popular types of Adsense among users and site pioneers?

After learning about earning money from Google Adsense, let’s introduce the types of Adsense.

First, AdSense for content, which is concerned with displaying, and advertising the content added to the site and pages.

It also selects the content according to different criteria, so that the most appropriate content will be displayed and broadcast ads.

Finally, Adsense for domains, as the domain plays a big role in the success of a site and approval to ads.


Finally, regarding the large circulation of Adsense earnings and how to register into Adsense, so we have presented to you.

How to earn money from Google Adsense, moreover explaining in detail how Google Adsense works, and  different types of Adsense.