How to make money from YouTube channel and earn cash

How to make money from YouTube channel and get revenue relies on the ads you get on your channel. People think and the random idea is that you are being paid for the views on videos and likes. But the most profitable revenue on YouTube comes from google ads and the sponsorship.

On average, a YouTuber can make cash between $3 and $5 per 1,000 views on the ads they share. When you start looking for ads and how to make money from YouTube channel with other YouTubers you must meet some criteria with follower numbers.

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How to make money from YouTube with google ads plan

How to make money from YouTube channel



How to make money from YouTube channel can be variable and different according to the traffic you get on your channel.

Google ads are one of the most earning and smartest income on YouTube, it is all about clicking on the ads.

You can start owning an account on google ads when you reach a 1,000 subscription and 4,000-hour active videos.

Once you start sharing the ads you will be paid for the number of clicks by your followers around %68.

How to get YouTube followers to get a partner program

If you are just starting your channel, make sure to read carefully about the technique of getting reach and followers.

You can share your videos on other social media platforms and ask your viewers to subscribe and share the video.

You can normally create a video for up to 15 mins but only a verified account can make longer videos.

The verification increases your reach and gives you a better chance to get more followers and views on the videos.

 Your channel is the full work atmosphere

Your channel is not only about sharing videos and getting paid in return, but also becoming your full work atmosphere.

When you are being more engaged with the followers with live videos and open talks for example they will keep watching.

They are most probably to be more interested to come back to your channel and know what you are up to.

They can also help you to come up with good ideas for your content for free, which will get you more views.

What is the most attractive topic to get more followers

How to make money from YouTube channel

Choosing the topic, you are going to have on your channel is one of the most important factors that affect your channel.

The topic you talk about is the thing that attracts people to keep watching your content and come back again.

The niche you have is also being affected by your country, according to people’s interests and google most searched information.

For example, in the US you will find that life insurance and online education are the most searched topic engines.

To sum up, how to make money from YouTube channel can be very easy however it takes time and effort to reach more audience and get ads and traffic to your channel.


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