How to earn money through AdSense

How to earn money through AdSense, from creating a Google AdSense account to the best ways to earn money from Google ads that help you make money in the best ways. People may think that working with AdSense and making profits through it is a myth or something that is not real until this time.

But we assure you that you can achieve a lot of profits that reach thousands of dollars per month through the AdSense. Let’s dig deeper in the answer to “How to earn money through AdSense?”.

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How to earn money through AdSense

How to earn money through AdSense

How to earn money through AdSense? First of all, I would like to tell you what the Google AdSense program is if you are a beginner

Google AdSense is a program that is considered one of the important services that Google provides to the world.

It is a program to share advertising profits, as Google gets a lot of ads to display on the Google search engine.


How to earn from Google AdSense

How to earn money through AdSense? Tips to start profiting from Google AdSense:

You should offer exclusive content.

The content you provide should target an audience that seeks to reach it.

You need to get legitimate visitors to view the content.

Have a commitment that complies with the Google AdSense policy.

Think of the way to you’d like to display content and display ads.

Sign up for the AdSense program.


The best way to earn from AdSense

How to earn money through AdSense

You must have a website that is compatible with the policy of AdSense and apply for AdSense through it.

To have a free Word Press or Blogger, and we have previously explained how you can create a Blogger blog and profit from it easily.

To have a YouTube channel that offers good and meaningful content and meets the conditions for monetization, then you sign up for AdSense through it


Average profit from Google AdSense

Target country

For example, the average price per click from Arab countries is only 3 cents per click on the advertisement.

The price per click may reach 5 or 6 cents, but from foreign countries the situation is much better.

Type of content

The content controls the price of the click according to the niche you choose to work with.

Distribution of advertisements on the site.

Source of visitors.

Site speed.


Google AdSense ads prices

In general, the cost per click in the Arab countries is between 3 to 10 cents.

The factors mentioned earlier play a great role in determining the profit.

The profit for a thousand impressions, ranges between 20 cents to 3 dollars maximum in the Arab countries for every thousand ads.

The revenue for a thousand impressions depends on the number of clicks and vice versa.


In the end, how to earn money through AdSense? To register in AdSense, it does not differ in all cases with regard to following the terms of the program, but in the past, there were types of hosted accounts.


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