How much does YouTuber get paid and earn more

How much does youTuber get paid is a very repeated question from new YouTubers to know their approximate income. However, we can’t really give an exact answer for this question as it depends on many factors not only views.

The income on YouTube can go up and down according to your activity and the traffic on your channel. People think that the number of views is the only way to get paid from your however it is the simplest way. To know how much does YouTuber get paid, just keep reading.

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How much does YouTube get paid and when exactly

How much does YouTuber get paid

How much does YouTuber get paid and when exactly, could completely variable according to your work and results.

The average payment for YouTube when you surpass 1,000 hovers between $5 to $30 approximately according to your views and ads.

To know precisely when you will start getting paid depends on the time and effort you give to your channel.

Once you get 1,000 subscriptions and be as active as possible and connect with the ads program you will earn more.

What is the beneficial use of the YouTube partner program

The best first step you can make to start monetizing your channel is to join the YouTube partner program.

The program gives you the ability to be paid for the view and all the ads coming to your channel.

However, you will need to meet some criteria to be able to join the program such as having 1,000 subscribers.

And also reach 4,000 hours watched over the past 12 months and it must be on active videos not deleted.

How much will you be paid by the partner program

Mainly the revenue from the program comes from the ads and they are two types of payment CPC and CPM.

CPC means cost per click, so it is mainly based on the idea of making followers click on the ad.

Then CPM, which is click per thousand views, means the followers must watch more than 30 sec to be paid.

So once reaching 1,000 subscriptions on your channel you can easily submit to the program and start earning.

Use affiliate marketing to monetize your channel the next step

How much does YouTuber get paid

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online store and YouTuber, you share their products and get a commission.

You can simply offer your ability to work with other channels and stores, once accepted you will share their links.

Talk about whatever product and convince your people to purchase it and make clear its pros and cons about it.

As the most important thing is to make your people trust you and go for your recommendations and you be paid.

In conclusion, The answer is variable and can’t be decided by a specific amount but you can double it up with simple steps. How much does YouTuber get paid, and how they can make more money from YouTube just need some effort and an effective plan.


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