Download Firefox Windows..All details

Download Firefox Windows..All details The Firefox program is available for computers running Windows, where the program supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and you can download the latest Firefox version for free with a direct link for each of these versions, but you must first know that there is a version for devices that run on a 32-bit kernel and another version for devices that run on a 64-bit kernel, and in this article we will also show you the difference between the two versions. And in this article, we’ll offer you a Download Firefox Windiws.

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How to Download Firefox for Windows

Download Firefox Windows..All details

Download Firefox Windows..All details

Visit the Firefox download page in any browser you want.

Alternatively, use this download link to download the latest version of Firefox.

Click the Download Now button. The Firefox installer will start the download automatically, providing you with the best version of Firefox available for your computer. For example, if your Windows version is 64-bit, you will get a 64-bit version of Firefox (more details).

If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, a notification bar will appear at the bottom of the page with an option to run the installer or save the file to your computer. Click Run to start the installation process.

If you are using another browser, you may need to save the installer first to your computer and then go to where you downloaded it and open it.

Note: If you see the Open File – Security Warning dialog box, click Open or Run.

You may see a User Account Control dialog box asking if you allow the Firefox installer to make changes to your computer. Just click the Yes button to start the installation if it appears.

Wait for Firefox to finish installing

Note: The Firefox installer may contain an update or reinstall button and an option to restore default settings and remove add-ons, if a Firefox version or very old personal data is specified. Uncheck the checkbox to keep old data and press Update or Reinstall to start the installation.

Firefox will open when the installation is finished.

 Firefox installation completed successfully! Click on the Mozilla Firefox icon whenever you want to surf the Internet

Can I know the browsing history and details for download Firefox for Windows?

Download Firefox Windows..All details

Download Firefox Windows..All details

Yes, as one of the most important features available within the Download Firefox for Windows is the feature or feature of knowing the history of the last browsing and opening anything you were browsing in the past so that you are able to keep everything you did on your Internet browser, and there is also the history feature that allows you to save any site or page Hesitate on it from time to time, where you can put it in your favorites to access it at any time with the click of a button.

You can also delete the last browsing history and make your own file.

 You list all your favorite sites inside it to access them as quickly as possible without searching for these sites, including Facebook. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and all the sites you frequent on a daily or continuous basis.

If you know the benefits of downloading Firefox for Windows, you can decide to use it, especially that it is a fast engine and has its own characteristics and you can protect information on it, and its use is easy and it is free and does not need to spend money to own it.