How do YouTubers make their money

How do YouTubers make their money? A common question about earning from YouTube is how YouTube users earn.

Their money and where the profits are obtained from, and some do not believe that a fortune can be made from YouTube. We will answer this question with yes because it is 100% true.

Regarding this, we will respond in our article to the common question: How do YouTubers make their money.

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How do YouTubers make their money

For everyone who begins to profit from YouTube, the first question he is asked is how do YouTubers make their money.

We will answer the question in our article because it is a fundamental question that beginners ask a lot.

In short, there is only one way to profit from YouTube and get a financial return for the number of views.

This method is to display Google Adsense ads on your channel videos.

This process is done through Google Adsense, a large advertising company.


Terms of accepting your YouTube channel in Google Adsense

We answered the question of how do YouTubers make their money and how their users earn their money at the previous address.

And now, we will show you the necessary conditions to accept your channel in Google Adsense.

The first condition is that you must be of the age of majority, which is 18 years or more.

The second condition is that you have achieved 1000 subscribers on your channel.

The third condition is that you achieve 4000 watch hours on your videos.


How to get views for your YouTube videos

How do YouTubers make their money

Get views for your YouTube videos by two popular methods that everyone uses.

You can use both of them simultaneously and bring many visits and views to your videos.

There is a free method that everyone uses and a paid method that few YouTubers use.

And one of the two methods can make you big profits in Google Adsense.

Just follow what we say in the article, and the method will work for you.

You will find the two methods in the following titles with all the explanations you need.


The first method is through social media

The first method is to display your videos on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

One of the best of them is to display videos in Facebook groups interested in your videos’ content.

To get many visits and views and achieve the conditions in the shortest time.

Or you can ask the owners of large pages to display your videos for a fee.

But as long as the content of the page is the same as the content of your videos.


The second method is via YouTube SEO

How do YouTubers make their money

And in the YouTube SEO method, you must create videos to appear in Google search engines.

It is by applying the SEO calibrator in your videos and titles.

The first important criterion is to mention the keywords in your video.

The second criterion is to mention the keyword in the video’s title and the description of the video.

In conclusion, I think this is all about answering the question of how do YouTubers make their money. This is all about profit from YouTube, achieving significant financial returns, and bringing views to your videos and visits to your YouTube channel.


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