How blogger can earn money in 2022

What are the chances of making money as a blogger? How blogger can earn money? If you think it is impossible to make money blogging, think again.

Here are some tips on how to get started, find your niche and turn your blog into an income-generating machine. We’ll be honest: Blogging doesn’t make you rich. It’s also a great resume booster since anyone can do it. So follow me and learn the truth about how blogger can earn money in our article.

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How blogger can earn money

Having your blog up and running is (finally!) the perfect time to start looking for ways to make money from it.

Some of the easiest and most efficient ways to blogger can earn money.


How to start a blog

How blogger can earn money

As far as setting up your blog is concerned, you have two options – you can either use a free blogging platform, or you can build your own website. The factors that determine which is best are described below.


Blog platforms for free

There are many limitations to free blogging platforms. The customization is limited, and there is a storage limit on your blog. 

You will not be able to upload huge files. So we will show you the most important free blogging platforms 

Using this free basic blog hosting service is simple and easy. If you don’t pay a monthly fee, WordPress will display ads and branding, and you cannot place ads on your site. Additionally, your site can’t be customized or extended much.



Blogger is a free blog hosting service offered by Google. However, you have very limited options for customizing and designing, and adding features is difficult.



concentrates more on the writing than the design. This is a popular method of sharing work with a particular community for journalists, writers, and experts. Ads cannot be run and it is difficult to develop your own brand.


Creating a new website

You can actually create your own website in just 20 minutes even if you aren’t very tech-savvy.

As a result of your own website.

You’ll be able to create your own brand (with your own URL), and your blog will not be deleted by a platform – you own and control the site.

You can choose from a huge selection of WordPress templates, or ‘themes’ – so choose one that suits you, your personality and your blog’s topic.

Simple and clear websites with plenty of space for large images are best (Fonts like Comic Sans and Courier aren’t recommended).


Your blog should utilize affiliate marketing

How blogger can earn money

Tracked affiliate links are added to the text of your blog in affiliate marketing. You will receive a small commission when your readers click through to one of your recommended websites and make a purchase.


Advertise with banners on your website

Blogger can earn money, as your blog page can be used as a visual advertising medium for brands that relate to your readers.

Advertisements can be found anywhere on a blog, but are most often found in the sidebar or at the top.

Income can be earned in two ways. As the name suggests, CPC (cost per click) involves getting paid for every click on the ad.

While CPM (cost per thousand) involves getting paid for every 1,000 ad impressions.

In conclusion, Blogging doesn’t make you rich. It’s also a great resume booster since anyone can do it. You know now the most important details about blogger can earn money and how to get started.