What are google search results?

Google search results who among us does not use the Google search engine to search for information, a book, or an article, we use the Google search engine continuously and daily but have you ever asked how the search results are displayed, that the Google search engine is like a large library of millions of books and in this article, we will learn how The Google search engine collects information, how the results are displayed, google search results.

google search results

What are google sources for information?

  • Google collects information through web pages.
  • Information sent by users, google results such as maps of a geographical location or a commercial location.
  • The Google search engine scans books to find information on search results.
  • It can also collect data from online databases and results.
  • There are many sources that Google uses to obtain information and then show it in

Processes that improve search sites

The Google search engine performs three operations to reach the search results, and we will review these operations in detail.

Google must recognize web pages and there is no record of collecting all web pages.

So Google searches for web pages continuously to add them to its index.

Web pages are crawled after Google recognizes the URL google search results.

Google browses the content of the page and analyzes all the data inside it.

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Improve the crawl process of your website.

  • Make sure that the Google search engine can reach your web pages and that there is no problem preventing your site from appearing on Google.
  • Enter the URL of the web page in the scan tool to make sure Google can crawl your site.
  • If you add a new web page or modify the content of a web page, send the URL of this page to the search engine.
  • When requesting the process of crawling a single web page, send the address of the home page.

Indexing process Google search results.

Indexing is one of the most important operations of the Google search engine. Only pages that have been indexed appear in Google search results.

After the web page is crawled, Google understands the content of the page and the indexing process takes place where all web page data is saved in the Google index.

To be called up to search results when needed.

How is the indexing process improved?

  • Use simple, direct addresses.
  • The title must reflect the content of the page.

Show web pages in search results

When a user searches for a specific text, the Google search engine searches for that text in its index and matches the texts to display the best results for the user.

To improve the display of your web page in search results, follow these steps.

  • Adjust your web page by setting the compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Continuously update your page and add new content to its google search results.
  • Follow the instructions to make your page compatible with the desires of users.

google search results


In this article, we have reviewed how the search engine enables you to display Google search results, what mechanism it works with, what sources it obtains information from, and how it performs the crawl and indexing process to keep web pages in the index.