Can I earn money from free BlogSpot in detail

Can I earn money from free BlogSpot? People are looking for new ways to make money online in greater numbers. The most obvious approach for most people to generate money online is by blogging.

Publishing content to a blog is a dependable strategy for earning cash. If you’re one of those people who likes to make the most of their leisure time. So, can I earn money from free BlogSpot

if you’re seeking a means to start a blog for free, this comprehensive guide is just for you.

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Can I earn money from free BlogSpot

Can I earn money from free BlogSpot

For Blogspot blogs, there are numerous blog designs to choose from. Fortunately, 

You may use the majority of them for free, 

While premium blog templates will cost you a few dollars if you want to make your blog look attractive and unique.

For novices, there’s no need to spend money on premium templates; 

Instead, choose for free blog layouts on Blogspot, where you’ll not only save money but also find beautiful themes.


How to start a free blog on BlogSpot

Can I earn money from free BlogSpot? makes it simple to start a blog. 

We’ll offer you a few simple directions, which you should follow.

Step 1: Create an account on

To begin, go to main page and register.

If you don’t already have one, make sure you sign up for a Gmail account.

Once you’ve logged into the Google account, look to the left for the “New Blog” button. 

To start a new blog on Blogger, click on it.


Step 2: Give your blog a name.

In the Title box, type whatever name you’d like for your blog. 

Simply type in any short domain address; if it’s already taken, a yellow box will appear. 

Make a unique name for your document and choose a template from the options in the same box. 

You can choose from a variety of other templates and afterwards modify your blog.

Step 3: Begin writing fresh blog entries.

Can I earn money from free BlogSpot? To make a new blog post, go to the left sidebar and click “Create New Post.” 

Enter any title and begin creating whatever content you choose.


Step 4: Apply for Google AdSense

Can i earn money from free BlogSpot? You can register for AdSense to start making money 

Once you’ve begun getting a good quantity of traffic 

From search results to your Blogspot sites. 

Don’t apply for AdSense unless you can consistently pull in 300-400 unique visitors per day. 

Otherwise, getting your account accepted is quite difficult.


How can I increase the visibility of my blog

Can I earn money from free BlogSpot

Increasing the visibility of your Blogspot site is critical because it may seriously affect your blogging success. 

Follow the authority blogs in your niche if you want your blog entries to gain more visitors, links, and shares.

Start interacting with them on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Make sure to share their content with your followers on a regular basis, 

And work on growing your social media following to boost your blog’s exposure.

All in all, can I earn money from free BlogSpot? It’s time to focus on acquiring your Google AdSense approval after you’ve begun developing outstanding content for your site. This is the main reason why most bloggers begin with a Blogspot blog.