The most important features Google chrome 64 bit

Google Chrome 64 bit, It has many features that will be detailed in this article. Google Chrome browser is designed to run a variety of complex applications twice as fast, as well as load a variety of web pages and websites quickly and efficiently. You can perform smooth, easy and fast steps in the tabbed windows that users want. Here is information about the best features in Google Chrome 64-bit.

Google Chrome 64 bit

Quick search method in google chrome 64 bit

You can find out some information about the fast browsing feature in Google Chrome 64 bit.

Can quickly perform a Google search using the Google Chrome address bar.

A faster search method related to searching for words by right-clicking.

You can select Google Search from the menu that appears and enter your search term.

The browser displays the results by opening a new tab.

It is possible to search the entire sentence using the same method as the previous methods.

Anonymous browsing in google chrome

Discover the Incognito feature in Google Chrome 64-bit, in the following points:

Google Chrome allows users to access public websites.

Anonymous browsing hides your search data.

The incognito feature blocks your searches from others. It deletes and deletes cookies that access your Google Chrome browser history.

Find the mistakes and resolve it

Google Chrome 64 Bit browser offers complete protection.

The computer needs protection from bad websites and this is what Google Chrome does.

Protection for Google Chrome includes user data protection. The security feature does not allow you to open suspicious sites, the browser sends you a notification if an unknown site sends you.

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Provide users with their own profile

Google Chrome 64 bit provides users with a profile that allows them to sign in.

In addition to the fact that Google Chrome automatically saves bookmarks for applications and tabs.

You can also take advantage of advanced profiling features.

It also provides display and browser settings from the user’s personal account, as well as personal data.

If you’re signed in from another device, go to your Google Chrome browser settings.

Google Chrome 64 bit

Technical data for Google Chrome

Learn about the technical information for Google Chrome 74-bit from the following:

Name Google Chrome 64 bit.

License: Free version.

Processor: 64-bit core.

Language: Arabic, English, French and all international languages.

Developer: Google Inc.

Submitted by: Google official website.

Tabs are pinned and moved to the left of other open tabs.

This frees up more space as other open tabs get smaller and smaller.


Google Chrome 64 bit is a great browser, Because it has many features that make it one of the best browsers. As presented in this article, some of the most important features of Google Chrome 64-bit. Finally, the technical information for Google Chrome was identified.