Discovery Google crawl stats Report

Crawl Stats report, how you statistics about Google’s crawling history on your website. Like, how many requests were made and when, what your server response was, and any availability issues encountered. so we use this report to know whether Google encounters serving problems when crawling on your site, report to advanced users. If you have a site with fewer than a thousand pages, you not need to use this report or worry about this.

Google crawl stats
What are Google crawl stats?

Its helps developers, webmasters, and SEOs understand Google’s crawling experience on their websites.
Which only showed three metrics in isolation: pages crawled, data  downloaded, and time spent downloading.
The new version looks more like the rest of Google Search Console; there is critical information for technical SEO here.
The report provides in depth data to how Google crawls on your website and
how your site reacts to any given crawl.

Finding Google crawl

To see the new Google Crawl Stats report, going to Search Console and access to the property. Click on property.

On the left hand rail under property settings, click crawl stats to open this report.
A Window for crawl history which reports on metrics like total crawl requests, download size, and average response time requested URLs.
It will be another window for this host status issues associated by your robots. txt file, DNS resolution, and server connectivity.

Google crawl stats MEASURE

report measures how bots interact with your site.
At the top of this report fold you have a graph and metrics shown total crawl requests, download size, time spent downloading

Crawl requests:

The total number of crawls for URLs on your Website in a period to indicate how frequently Google is crawl your website.
These include both successful and unsuccessful crawl requests server connectivity issues, redirect loop issues.

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Download size:

Total of download size, its reflected how much content Google is downloading during its crawling process in the given time period.
Its high averages can Google is taking too long in crawl your website.
That said, good average response times, its offset this issue as they are a good indication of a site that is efficient to crawl.

Total or average response time:

Its mean how long it takes for a search engine to request page content.
The lower the number, the less time so crawling and indexing at a faster rate to improve this number.
There are a number of optimizations that can be made, you can block unnecessary pages from being crawled by cutting bloated content or code, modifying your robots.txt file.

Google crawl stats
Improving crawl stats for your site

To help website owners to understanding how Googlebot crawls in their sites, we’re launching a brand new version of the Crawl stats report in Search Console.
Google Search Crawl Stats report helps for technical SEO, when of course deals heavily with crawling and indexing of the website ,If Google can’t properly crawl your site, not available to index  the new pages or detect changes to old pages to consider content for this ranking purposes.