What Is Reddit MOON – Reddit Cryptocurrency?

What Is Reddit MOON – Reddit Cryptocurrency? In reality, Reddit introduced Reddit Society Points (reddit cryptocurrency) in 2020 to encourage its large amounts of content contributors. If you currently use Reddit, you know that the site has hundreds of subreddits, or special forums, where users may debate subjects in monitored forums. While newer, RCP tokens are comparable to other prizes the firm has issued in the past for reputation and contributions,  you may earn reddit cryptocurrency by participating with a subreddit’s content and community if it supports rcps.

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How Does Reddit Cryptocurrency Work?


What Is Reddit MOON – Reddit Cryptocurrency?

Reddit cryptocurrency tokens are Ethereum-based, making Reddit cryptocurrency.

Moon is the authorized cryptocurrency of r/Cryptocurrency, which covers cryptocurrency news, debate, and analysis.

So, MOONS are:

  • Interoperable with all Ethereum assets and apps.
  • Pseudonymous owns and controls

The subreddit’s rules state that all submissions must be about cryptocurrencies or linked to the culture.

Various developers contribute to the subreddit, and users exchange trading advice, jokes, and general cryptocurrency news.

How To Get MOON

What Is Reddit MOON - Reddit Cryptocurrency?

What Is Reddit MOON – Reddit Cryptocurrency?

The r/Cryptocurrency subreddit rewards users with reddit cryptocurrency tokens for their contributions.

There are many ways to become involved, from writing your own material to commenting on others’.

It is possible to earn moons from the protocol itself, based on how many karma points you earn, or by receiving tips from other Redditors.

Each Redditor will receive a certain number of MOON tokens based on how much karma they have accrued in the subreddit so far.

What Is The Future Of MOON?

Reddit cryptocurrency is seen as having little to no value by some Redditors since it serves no other function than to reward subreddit membership.

Which is the only one it serves. Reddit users can only utilize moons.

Which means that the majority of the features that users may buy are purely aesthetic in nature.

MOONs may be freely traded amongst Redditors, and they can be used for a variety of reasons within the community.

MOON may now be used for the following applications, according to its developers:

Applications To Use Moon

A 1,000 MOON monthly subscription to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit is available.

For example, members get colorized usernames, exclusive loyalty badges, and the option to remark with gifs and animated emoticons.

Redditors may also use the reddit to purchase themed badges and prizes (Reddit coins) to honor or respond to other Redditors’ efforts.

MOON token holders may vote on subreddit and governance reforms. Votes are weighted by the number of tokens acquired by the user over time.

Redditors may utilize moons to tip other Redditors for content.

Where Can I Trade MOON?

There are just a few trading pairs available for MOON, which isn’t listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange.

MOONs may now be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, such as Stellar’s Lumen (XLM) and Nano (NANO) (NANO).

Typically, this is done on user-created websites.

However, customers will be required to go through many unintuitive token changes to complete a successful deal on Honey swap, another decentralized exchange.

Large sales of MOON tokens may cause the token price to drop, owing to the token’s limited liquidity.


Monetizing high-quality community involvement via original posts and comments is r/MOON. Reddit cryptocurrency Users may pay moons to join a particular community, vote in governance polls, and tip other users. During the four-week karma period.