How to make money doing google ads 

 How to make money doing google ads needs us to understand google AdSense and how it works. Google AdSense basically is a tool will generate your money from ads. There are people paying to advertise their products and from there you will get your money.

Estimated income if you connect your blog with AdSense is 0.1 to 0.5 per page view. To know how much can you earn from AdSense on blogger you need to count your site visits. Earnings seem small but always remember that this is just a start. 

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How to make money doing google ads on blogger

How to make money doing google ads?

You can start earning money on your blogger using AdSense, but there are alternative ways. You can generate yourself income using sponsored content which could increase your income 10 times. 

The bigger your blogger the more people will reach you out and offer to pay to advertise their products or services. This is one of the major ways to how to make money doing google ads. 

You can earn up to 1000$ per post using sponsored content. so if 10 people reach you out per week you can make up to 100004 a week. 


How do I choose which ads to show on my site

An important part of how to make money doing google ads is to choose your ads and their location. you need to understand the way this tool working on your site.

As mentioned before, the ads shown on your website are customized to your content, so how you can do that? 

You can’t control ads but fortunately google ads will automatically choose the suitable adds to your website. 

If you need to understand more how google ads will target your ads we will discuss it later.


How to make money using AdSense step by step

How to make money doing google ads? 

How to make money doing google ads requires you very easy and clear steps.  

There are few steps to start using google AdSense and start the actual money earning from it.

The first step is to make your ad spaces available through pasting your AdSense code to your site. This will allow you to choose the places where adds will be showed. 

Then you will see the highest paying adds on your site. Then automatically google adds will control the distribution of money to make sure you are taking your payment accurately. 

You can customize the appearance of ads to make sure they’re going in parallel with the content on your site. 


How to calculate your income from google ads

After knowing how to earn money doing google ads you can calculate your estimated income. The first and most common used way is the estimated revenue calculator and the second way is the manual calculation. 

To do a manual calculation you need to calculate the multiplication. It’s not complicated and easy to be done. You will use the same data and formula of the calculator to find the estimate. 

After searching on google you will find automatically calculator. All you need to do is, enter your data. 

Conclusion: How to make money doing google ads is a very common question. You can do this by signing up for free to google AdSense and connecting it to your sites.