How to upgrade laptop graphics using simple steps

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Many people nowadays prefer laptop computers to desktop computers, owing to their portability. What happens, though, if you need to upgrade it or if a part inside it fails? What if the component in question is a high-priced graphics card? Can I replace it with something else? That is the primary reason I created this QR code, so let’s find out how to upgrade laptop graphics?

How to upgrade laptop graphics

How to upgrade laptop graphics?

Most of the time, upgrading your laptop’s graphics card is not doable.

If you want to improve your gaming performance, the greatest thing you can do is purchase a new laptop.

Many laptops with MXM slots, on the other hand, get both the CPU and GPU swapped.

Tip you must know about new devices

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Before you buy any new device, keep in mind that there are five different versions available,

each with five different cords for an old laptop.

If your laptop has an express card slot, you can get the mobile PCI express module;

If your laptop was made before 2015, you can order the tiny PCIe cable. There is indeed a GFF version, a Mac version,

And an M.2 version for new laptops.

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How To Install An External Graphics Card?

The steps for upgrading the laptop graphics card are as follows:

Step 1: 

How to upgrade laptop graphics? First, you must download the driver for your graphics card.

Simply type NVIDIA Geforce GTX drivers into your browser,

Then go to the NVIDIA website and choose your graphic card. .

You must now choose the product type, series, product, operating system, and language.

Step 2: 

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Take apart the graphics laptop and look for the wireless LAN card hidden inside the laptop GPU cord.

Remove the Wi-Fi LAN card and plug in the external GPU cable.

Stop the PXE boot to LAN feature. This is required in order to install an external GPU.

Use this power source to power up the EXP GDC notebook graphics card dock.

Connect the EXP GDC dock to the laptop’s external GPU connection and the PSU’s 6 pin power ports.

Step 3:

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Place the graphics card in the PCIe slot at this point.

Connect a second power supply again from PSU to the graphic card.

Turn on your computer and run the graphic driver.

To get the laptop to work properly, you may need to restart it once or twice.

There, you should see if any BIOS updates are required.

How to upgrade laptop graphics

Knowing if you can upgrade the graphics card

If you want to learn how to upgrade the laptop’s latest GPUs, go to the product’s official website and have a look at it.

Laptops, in general, are unable to do so.

However, if you want to use an additional full-length GPU with your laptop,

You must match the laptop’s requirements with the GPU you wish to use.

All in all, how to upgrade laptop graphics? Technically, it is practically hard to upgrade the GPU in most circumstances.