How to Make a Living Blogging

How to make a living blogging? What stage do you need to reach before you can start monetizing your blog? These are the questions that a professional blogger or those who are still planning to start a blog usually ask themselves. For some people, making a living blogging is a myth or a thing of luck for those who make it. For such, this article shows you how to make a living blogging.

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How to make a living blogging?

How to Make a Living Blogging

Each successful blog is filled with unique, high-quality content.

In order to make money from blogging, it is essential to provide value to your audience.

Once you are sure that your blog is ready to consistently release great content, you are ready to learn how to make a living blogging.

Get started with these 5 tips.

1. Run Ads on Your Website

How to Make a Living Blogging

Making money online as a new blogger can be difficult, but on-site advertising will probably be the easiest opportunity early on.

Ad networks such as Google AdSense and connect you to paying advertisers.

Their ads appear in certain areas of your site and allow you to get paid based on clicks and views.

How to Qualify for AdSense?

To specifically qualify for AdSense, your blog must have:

  • Unique and interesting content
  • Organized Navigation Bar
  • Some main static pages, such as the contact page and the privacy policy page

2. Build Your Blog on Social Media

These days, a huge part of learning how to make a living blogging is learning the art of social media marketing.

While marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google ads can help you get plenty of page views.

Social media marketing helps you build relationships by giving your audience a chance to interact with your authentic personality.

With strong relationships comes greater loyalty, which enables you to influence the buying behavior of your followers.

3.  Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular sources of income for professional bloggers.

This earning opportunity costs you to promote third party products in return for a commission on each affiliate product sold.

It is a great way to earn passive income by providing businesses with content marketing services on your blog.

Once you write one blog post, you can consistently earn commission on sales from visitors over time.

4. Create a Media Kit

In addition to joining affiliate programs, successful bloggers always promote brands directly.

Having a media kit prepared for the people and companies you want to work with is a must.

A media kit is a document that summarizes what your business is and why the other party should work with you.

It usually includes an introduction about you, your mission, and your values.

5. Selling your own services/products

To make a living blogging, selling your products brings benefits that you cannot get from other methods.

When in doubt about how to make a living blogging, always think about what you have to offer. People need help. And since you have experience in the field of writing, you can become the authority to turn to while selling your services.


This article covered how to make a living blogging – from increasing traffic to maintaining a good reputation with a successful blog, making the blog in your niche the most interesting.