Overview about blog to get blogging income

 Creating a blog to get blogging income from blogs is one of the most preferred methods for many lovers of self-employment and entrepreneurship worldwide.

This is for many reasons, such as providing the advantages of self employment and the possibility of achieving a very abundant income with more flexibility in work, effort and time. it is like any other freelancing job that requires constant effort and striving to learn, but what distinguishes it is that you make the effort and get paid for it repeatedly to profit from blogging income.

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How to create a blog to get blogging income

Blogging income

Be clear about what you are going to write about how to blog and get blogging income.

Decide on the topic you are going to write about, and write your content about everything related to that topic.
This will help you not only focus on your writing but also build digital products and services that praise your content.
This will allow you to attract customers and entice them with your informative posts. Then make them visit your blog regularly which is exactly what you want.


platform Selected

creating a blog to make money by WordPress is the most popular platform among blogging.
There are other programs that can be taken advantage of such as micro blogging platforms like: Blogger, Tumblr and even Medium.
However if you’re serious about putting in a lot of effort for your blog you’ll likely need to use WordPress.

By another way You can use subdomains on popular platforms and save more effort in your content marketing.


Choosing an domain

To creat a blog to get blogging income you need an domain;
Domain names are important if you are serious about making money from the blog you are starting.
Instead of relying on a sub-domain aliased by a third party, find a domain name that is short.
Relevant to keywords if applicable and describes the topic or domain you are talking about.

 Avoid using the sub domains and aliases and avoid repetition whenever possible blogging income.


Make money from blogging

Blogging income  

Blogging is a process that requires a lot of effort, research, and patience.
The good news is that you can make a great profit from blogging, but the bad news is that you cannot become a professional blogger.
Terms of  valuable content good marketing adding different sources of profit and making plans for continuous.

Find a good web hosting 

if you are gonna start creating a blog & there are endless options.
The important thing is to make the effort and choose the right option for your budget to ensure a high level of service and a convenient time for it.

The Blogger must take into account that his audience’s confidence in him is important to him and his continuity and therefore he should not market everything that falls in his way but rather products he has already tried to start Blogging income.