How to get money from YouTube

How to get money from YouTube, Getting viewers’ attention and their interaction with the displayed video is one of the most important secrets of financial success on YouTube. The idea of earning money through this site is that advertising companies choose the videos that will carry their ads, so that Google, which owns YouTube, pays a percentage of the proceeds of that advertising to the subscriber who placed the video if you want how to get money from YouTube, read this article carefully.

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How to get money from YouTub

How to get money from YouTube How to get money from YouTube

How to get money from YouTube, many owners of channels on the YouTube platform seek to know,

As the method of profit has spread through the use of the Internet in general, and one of the methods of profit that generates great profits is profit through YouTube.

So, you must take care of meeting the desires of the masses and display the videos that they request to see,

You must also take care that the videos that you display do not contain any prohibitions from publishing.

How to earn from YouTube

You must take into account all of this, you should follow these steps:

The first step is to create your own YouTube channel, and this is done through your Google account.

Care must be taken to choose the account well.

You must take into account that the video is short, and high quality at the same time.

If the video is not good at first, don’t worry because with experience your videos will improve.

Good must be used while shooting video.

How to take advantage of YouTube

There are some ways to help you achieve a high viewership and thus benefit from YouTube, and that is through:

You should take care to update your channel permanently and continuously because this will attract a large number of followers.

You should choose a good logo for your channel, and this logo is appropriate for the content that this channel offers.

Pay close attention to the words that you put in the description of the video.

How to make real money from the Internet

How to get money from YouTube, there are several steps that must be adhered to in order to be able to make profits through the Internet, and they are as follows:

In order to make big profits, you must initially get ten thousand views, but at first click on the box that says Monetize with Ads.

After you download the clip, enter the video manager, press $, and then click on the profitable monetization through advertising.


In the end, in order to know How to get money from YouTube,

Do not be hesitant to begin implementing it right away, as practice and repetition will provide you with the experience you need to succeed.



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