Learn about the YouTube Video Download App Features

YouTube Video Download app is one of the most convenient applications among users, which we use daily, we often search for videos or perhaps want to watch our favourite movies through YouTube, so we search for them through the YouTube application, and YouTube application also includes some other advantages, which you can get to know immediately, start installing the application and then use it already on your phone, so let’s learn about the benefits of YouTube Video Download app.

YouTube Video Download App

Youtube video download app

YouTube Video Download App is the official app of the world’s largest and most popular video platform among the other apps.

It is the home of millions and millions of videos, with hundreds of thousands of new videos uploaded every day.

From the official app, you get full access to all the featured videos, and you can also watch them.

All this comes through an easy-to-use interface that is perfectly adapted to smartphones and the possibility to set up emoticon shortcuts.

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Watch millions of videos for free

According to the latest statistics, YouTube video download app contains more than 5 billion videos in different genres and fields.

And the service hosts more than two billion monthly active people, so we can say that it is completely unlikely.

That a person uses his smartphone without opening the YouTube app to watch one, or more videos.

Until the limited internet package expires, however, even if you are a “YouTube addict”, it’s so easy to deal with app.

Translate the videos to get the most out of YouTube

Many YouTube videos have subtitles in all languages, including Arabic. It is a valuable feature to understand the content better.

And helps in many situations; click on the [CC] sign above the video and the subtitles will appear immediately. You can customize the subtitles that appear in video download app, but this is not done through the settings.

So it is very easy to control the subtitles of any video inside YouTube video download app.

Set the end time of the video

One of the tricks in the YouTube video download app, is how much time is left to end the video.

The video player shows the elapsed time from the duration of the video in the lower-left corner of the player.

But once you click on this timer, YouTube shows a countdown that shows how much time the video.

And with another click on the timer Shows the time you spent watching this video.

YouTube Video Download App


YouTube Video Download App is one of the best applications for watching and downloading videos among the users. And with regard to the popularity of the application, it was classified as the best and took the lead and undisputedly.