How to download youtube videos ‘ss

Download youtube videos ‘ss, Using the prefix “ss” to save YouTube videos does not necessitate the installation of any software or browser extensions. Simply append “ss” to the end of the Address of the YouTube video you wish to download. The “ss” YouTube video download method works on any device, including Android, iPhone, and Windows. It works on both desktops and laptops, and it works with any site. So how to download youtube videos ‘ss?

Download youtube videos ‘ss

The procedures and instructions below will show you how to effortlessly download YouTube videos using the prefix “ss”:

Go to your computer and use the YouTube search engine to find the video you would like to download.

To play and stop the video, simply click on it. Add “ss” before “…” in the video URL and hit enter.

You’ll be redirected to a different page where you can download the video.

This is the website, which is the main website of

download youtube videos 'ss

Choose the format

How to download youtube videos ‘ss? This page will show you all of the details about the YouTube video you would like to save.

You’ll find information like the video’s runtime, title, and a link to download the video.

A drop-down option appears to the right of the green Download button.

Choose the version in which you would like to download the video by clicking on it.

If you wish to transfer it to MP3, select “HD/MP3” from the drop-down menu.

download youtube videos 'ss

Making use of the YouTube app

In the YouTube app, look for the video you want to download.

How to download youtube videos ‘ss? Play the video and then share it with your friends.

From the sharing menu, choose ‘YouTube downloader.’

Choose an audio or video file type to download – mp4 for video and mp3 for audio.

Activate the download button.

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Using the YouTube Downloader app or similar apps

Install the app.

How to download youtube videos ‘ss? To begin, open the app.

Find the video you wish to download using a search engine and press on it.

Choose an appropriate format for your file, such as mp4 for video or mp3 for audio.

Download the app and wait for it to finish, which might take just a few minutes.

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Document 6 is available through the UK Apple Store.

Open the YouTube app, pick the video you can save, and use the share option to copy the URL to it.

Search for ‘Documents 6’ in the Apple Store. Install apps with that name on your device.

How to download youtube videos ‘ss? Open the app and select the compass-shaped Safari icon.

This opens a browser window.

Click the search icon and type in savefromnet.’ In the search results, click the link.

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Get the link

Copy and drop the YouTube video link into SaveFromNet’s white box.

Tap the green tick and choose the file size and type you want – mp4 for a movie or mp3 for an audio file.

Hesitate for your video to download by tapping ‘Download’, then ‘Done.’ View the video in Document 6’s Downloads section.

To move it to your phone’s Camera Roll folder, hold down the video sign and drag it along until the folders display.

Place it in Photos, and then on the Camera Roll.

All in all, How to download youtube videos ‘ss? This article will show you how to download movies so you can start watching the latest flicks directly in your hands. You’ll begin by downloading the program, then moving on to the next step.