How to set alarm on Galaxy S6

How to set alarm on Galaxy S6? Have you planned a nap or will you have to wake up tomorrow morning? Setting the alarm allows you to resume your current activities or get up and go to work.  In this tutorial, we will explain to you the technique of activating, modifying, or even deactivating an alarm. Then what is the snooze function and how to configure it. Finally, we will explain how to set alarm on Galaxy S6.

How to set alarm on Galaxy S6

We will explain how to set alarm on Galaxy S6. To make the alarm work, your phone must be on but also charged.

How to set alarm on Galaxy S6 and activate it

To set an alarm on Android, nothing could be easier.

  • Go to the Clock app of your Galaxy S6
  • Click on the alert section
  • Then click the plus sign to add another alarm, from there you can configure:
  • Wake-up time: The time format will be either 12-hour or 24-hour

How to set alarm on Galaxy S6

Then do the following

  • Repeat: that is, if you want it to repeat every day, certain days of the week or even once. In fact, repetition is practical once you get up in the morning at the same time for work. You can set the alarm for 7:30 every morning of the week.
  • Sound and/or vibrator

Then do the following

  • Sound: You can choose the alarm ringtone that you set. These will be the pre-installed ringtones on Galaxy S6
  • Repeat period: You can set the alarm to ring again if you have not deactivated it.
  • Wording: You can name the alarm, for example the work alarm

How to set alarm on Galaxy S6

How to change the alarm sound

Now that we’ve learned how to set alarm on Galaxy S6, we’ll now learn how to change the alarm sound.

It all depends on whether you want to use an existing ringtone on the Galaxy S6 or even the music mode of your choice.

We have already explained in detail how to change the alarm ringtone of an Android smartphone in the first chapter.

How to select music?

Here we will explain what is the technique of selecting music as an alarm ringtone.

  • Go to the Clock app
  • Then press the alarm
  • Add an alarm or change an already registered alarm
  • In the settings for the alarm, you will have a section titled Alarm, click on it
  • Then click custom ringtone, you can choose between downloaded music on Galaxy S6 or voice recording

What is snooze alarm and what is the technique to solve it

The snooze function is the duration of the reminder when you have not deactivated the alarm or even pushed the alarm back.

Many people use this option to delay waking time. Usually this reminder is set to five or 10 minutes.

Scientists say that delaying your alarm and going back to sleep does not help you wake up better and disrupts your awakening.

Configure the snooze of your Galaxy S6 alarm

To set the snooze function of the alarm clock on Galaxy S6, you must activate an alarm clock.

After in the alarm settings, you can set the interval for repeating the ringtone (5, 10, 15, 30 minutes).

On many phones, you can choose to tilt the phone to activate the snooze while the alarm is ringing.

To activate the tilt, go to the sprocket in the Alarm app. You will be able to mark ’tilt’ for repetition.


In this tutorial, we show you how to set alarm on Galaxy S6 and the technique for adjusting, activating, or even deactivating the alarm. We hope you find this tutorial useful for you.