Google console website: What is its importance?

Do you want to learn how to integrate the Google console website with your Google Analytics account and WordPress site? As a website owner, you cannot afford not to use Google Search Console. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who wants to make sure their website ranks well in Google’s search results. This article will teach you how to link the Search Google console website to Google Analytics and your WordPress website.

Google console website

Google console website: formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools.”

It is a free suite of tools available to anyone who owns a website.

The tools are intended to assist users in analyzing and managing the appearance of their website in Google’s search results.

They can assist you in making the best options for:

Improving your site’s ranking and the general appearance on search results pages.

Google console website


  1. New content should be submitted for indexing through Google console website.
  2. Include a sitemap.
  3. Locate and resolve common malware and spam problems.
  4. Find out which search queries (keywords) lead your site to appear in the search.
  5. Find out which search terms bring the most visitors to your website.
  6. Look at which other websites are linking to yours.
  7. Examine your website to see whether it passes the Core Web Vitals tests.
  8. Verify that your structured data (breadcrumbs, reviews, recipes, or another schema) is set up appropriately.

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Use the console to set up and verify your website

To put it another way, Google console website is a handy tool that provides you with:

Information about your website and how people find it:

Use Search Console to set up and verify your website.

You must first prove to Google that you are the owner of your website.

Before you can access the Search Console data.

If you currently have a property set up and need to add another.

Select Add a Property from the dropdown menu at the top of the left-hand navigation.

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Google console website

The importance of using the Domain approach to authenticate your site

Now, we highly advocate utilizing the Domain approach to show your location.

For this lesson, we’ll use the Domain property verification.

To authenticate a Domain property in Google console website, you must first confirm that you own it.

If you have one of the hosts in your dropdown, Google will try to provide you with particular directions.

For the general instructions, you can choose Any DNS provider

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How to enhance your webpage

All you have to do is copy and paste the TXT record (that string of code) into your DNS.

The position of where you can add a TXT record varies by DNS provider.

But it should look something like this in Siteground:

All you have to do now is copy the code from Search Console and paste it into the Value area before clicking Create.

You should get a success message when you return to Search Console and click Verify.

In the end, visit the Google console website to help for more information on these steps. That’s all there is to it! Your webpage is excellent.


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